Living like a lion

It’s the first time I’ve seen a lion in the wild. Perched on the top of his hill he sat, watching people from vehicles below stretching to take a picture of him.


It seems to me that the most effective leaders are able to recharge their own batteries, even while others are watching, to take action at the right time for the right reason. I don’t know too much about animal behavior in the wild, to the extent that the lion empowers other animals, or how much they really ‘like’ him. Surely, as we all know some animals prey on others… but I’ve not heard much about how they support one another, other than natural roles and biodiversity.

Maybe I am rambling. I am now in Amsterdam waiting for my flight to New York, have just taken a shower and am thinking about buying some cheese before going home. The lion is on my mind this morning because sometimes people value a lot of running around and blah blah stuff and it often seems to me that my most effective moments are sitting in silence watching nature take it’s course. No one responded to my work submission… this is remarkably usual behavior among people I work with and honestly it drives me crazy, but maybe if I can be more like a lion and relax until my time for action comes again, I will meet my goals to wherever I am going. Not to be passive… or aggressive… but just to be. Hmmm… maybe that’s the story.


Here’s how I feel today, feet in one world, wings in another… ready to take flight, but not sure of where I am going!



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