Waters of life


I really am a water girl at heart. Born at the moment of full Leo moon in the sign of Aquarius the water bearer, my ever-flowing destiny has now brought me to the two greatest rivers on our planet. Most recently, I’ve been introduced to the River Nile. Which is so mighty and vast and feels like it is holding the history of humanity within its banks. It may seem strange, but even as I approached the Nile for the first time, I noticed the tall reeds that look so much like early childhood Bible drawings.. it was almost like you could see the basket with Baby Moses floating along. The energy of the Nile feels historic, its hard to explain, but it is a serious river, full of intrigue and cultural diversity. The majestic beauty and powerful force are to be reckoned with. For me, the tension felt palpable, almost as if thousands of years of conflict are churning within his waves. The Nile has a very strong male energy in fact, now that I am reflecting and writing these words.


The Amazon, on the other hand, is a female energy river. Equally amazing and majestic, to me, the Amazon opens my heart and welcomes me into her arms, as if to call me to home. She seems full of potential energy, that which is yet to occur, the mystery as yet to unfold. My soon to be bestselling Ecomasters series leads the young leaders from all around the world to a secret island in the Amazon for training. I am having trouble accessing my Amazon photos for this post, but will add them later during the weekend.

It strikes me that the two largest rivers in the world each would hold the energy of a different gender… it makes sense when you think about it, don’t you think? When I googled associations between the Nile and Amazon while writing this post, I found that scientists are presently squabling about which is actually the longest? Originally thought that the Nile was the worlds largest River, scientists in Brazil are now claiming that the Amazon is first.. either way they are extremely close in magnitude. Indeed, all that we are and all that we do is of water, our planet is more than 70% water and our bodies are as well and it takes both male and female components for creation to manifest. I am not sure where this train of thought is going, but it does feel quite significant. Perhaps the history of the Nile is helping to lead us around the circle to the unfolding her-story of the Amazon as we enter into the Age of Aquarius?

More to come on this…



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