On the road again….

Actually, it’s more like in the air again! My body still aches from my most recent trip to Uganda and stress related to family and personal stress so, I’m doing all that is possible to nurture myself on this trip. I’ve purchased a pass to the American Airlines lounge and the note from my chiropractor helped me to get a bulk-head seat which is the best possible outcome for such a long haul trip in economy class. I’m headed to Nepal and have been humming Bob Seger’s Katmandu song for two days now… “I think I’m going to Katmandu, that’s really, really where I’m going to. If I ever get out of here, that’s what I’m gonna do…”

So, I’m getting out of here and going to Katmandu!  🙂  I’m going to learn a lot on this trip, I’ve never really worked in South Asia. The week has really been a challenge. Last week for Earth Child Institute we were approached by an interested donor wanting to develop a water school on the Amazon in Brazil, which of course is a huge dream of mine… linked to the Ecomasters and ECI and my personal goals. The opportunity came like a tsunami, they wanted to give the money immediately and move forward right away. I was so busy, but essentially dropped other priorities and made time to do the needful.  But then silence. Did we do something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Our team was so jazzed to get moving, I hate letting them down… and then there is also the fact that ECI so dearly needs the money. We are all working so sincerely for its survival and mission… what is the hold up? My son Elliot noted that we would have been better off if they would have just left us alone. This is the truth. My time that was wasted and the hopes that were raised were worth more than $5000. Why do the financially wealthy think that they can play games with the poor?! This is the truth in all areas of society at this time on our planet. Poverty is so severe in so many places and these people want to hold a press release for $5000! and don’t even honor the commitment! It’s really one of my core triggers, I really can’t stand it when people do not call me back… not to mention make promises without delivering.

So now as I prepare to spend more than 16 hours in the blue sky circumventing our most amazing planet tonight, I wonder what is possible to contribute? I dearly pray to be useful to the children and environment of Nepal. My prayer is TO NOT BE one of those people who shows up and wastes the time of others for self-gratification. I want to be useful… let’s see…


Today’s picture isImage of me and Tony at the Westport Longshore pool last week… another moment in time…






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