Every body matters, every drop counts….

Grandmothers and waterIts been a long time between posts and I finally feel like it is time to re-introduce myself to the world. A year has come and gone and my soul’s essence of water has brought me full circle to Uganda where I was privileged to share a glass of water with the most gracious and creative of women. A grandmother… and single mother… not so much unlike me…. in fact, I feel that we were more similar than different! Can you imagine that I’ve become a grandmother since the last blog post… of my darling Emma… and have been blessed to develop a Waterschool programme in the Amazon region of Brazil with and for Swarovski… and even to develop their teaching and learning materials!!!

The year has brought a tsunami of change, drop by drop and I am so blessed. Tomorrow, the blog will begin again with full intention to Live in Love and to trust the wisdom of the universe which encourages and enables each of us to live into a life of commitment to ourselves… our own drop… our soul’s purp. For me this has translated to finding the partners of my soul… finding the joy of being most deeply who I am and appreciating the ride!  Love, Donna




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