18 is my favorite number!

Happy New Year!!!  It is amazing that it has been more than 3 years since my last post… it was a time of transition for me in every way… life, love, purpose and understanding!!!  So here I am in 2018, the year of my most auspicious number about to begin a new planetary assignment!!!

First off… did you know that 18 is the molecular weight of water??!!! and in Hebrew it is for a healthy happy life and in most ancient scientific and spiritual teachings, 18 and of course 9 (8 +1=9) are key to everything!!! and of course, water is life… so there we go!!! So here I am, now living in southern Florida with my new puppy Frankie Luna and ready to embark on the most exciting journey of my soul… EVER!!! 


Living in love for all of these years has had it’s challenges, but each and every one has had a lesson helping my little drop of water to go deeper into the labyrinth of life. Today is 1.11.18, my other favorite number is 111… Frankie came from 111st Street and most every day miracles come in 111’s and 180’s!  Since separating from my job of the past three years that has brought so many blessings while also keeping me from this blog and many of my creative endeavors in November, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Do you know the kind?  Achy all over and in more of a cave dwelling/cocoon way of life. But this morning was different… I woke up without pain and with a very clear head, even before noticing the date.  One may ask, why ramble on about this in my first blog post of 3 years??!! As most of us know, our incredible planet is changing and the future of humankind is in the balance.  This lifetime has been about Mother Earth and her children for me and I now understand that my role in this very critical transformation is to find and activate the most amazing kids on Earth… they are in every place… the farthest places from the middle of nowhere!! and we need them… they are ready to lead us forward. They are the Ecomasters and my job is to help to find and activate them so that they can do what they are here to do!


My mastery and passion is to connect the dots with love… this requires travel… and writing… and photography and creative expression that I have not yet even imagined. What I do know so far is that I have been invited by the Munduruku indigenous peoples of Brazil to work with them to create an environmental education and inspiration teaching and learning center for teachers and young people on their land in the heart of the Amazon!!!


This is real and necessary and will be a hub for so many of the connections.  My belief at this time is that the Amazon is at the heart of all life…. and my heart is drawn to her and to all of the many ‘Me’s’ who are ready to become ‘We’s’… together, we become ‘one song’… a uni-versal symphony of love, love, love… 2018!!!

Thanks for joining me, I’ll be sharing more soon!




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